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Onyx Drop Earrings

Onyx Drop Earrings
Onyx Drop Earrings

Olaglamor Jewelry

OlaGlamor Jewelry aspires for you to have pride and confidence in knowing that your jewelry and accessories have been sought out from around the world with the greatest of care and discernment. Whether cool and contemporary or classically elegant in style, you will treasure each piece as it enhances your everyday outfit or adds that certain WOW to your evening attire.

Crowned delicately with glittering crystal, these rhodium-plated, nickel-free, 2.5 inch, black onyx earrings add grace and sophistication to your wardrobe.


 Material- Syn Onyx, Brass - Rhoduim Plated, Cubic Zirconia

 Measurement-  Earrings Length -2 inches 

                              Pendant- 2.5 inches



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  • Model: OGE43
  • Weight: 2.00kg